Earning Money as an Affiliate

Earning Money as an Internet Marketing Affiliate

Earning money is always enjoyable. Especially when it’s all yours to keep. Nothing says thank you for a job well done than 100% of the earnings going to you. When you have a regular job with a company and a boss then you are paid for your time. And actually, you’re probably earning a lot less than your actual worth. Think of it, if you earned your actual worth then the company wouldn’t make a profit.

Time is the most undervalued resource there is

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Time is the most undervalued resource there is. You can give your time to a company, or you can use your time for yourself. This is what earning money as an affiliate marketer essentially is. Utilizing your time to earn the best way that you can. All the money you earn will be yours, rather than a company’s, or a boss’.

I took my career path after a shock redundancy down the path of affiliate marketing for casinos. The idea was simple. Write honest reviews about online casinos and refer other people to those places via website links. The idea was, if I could get people interested in playing the casinos that I was promoting, then I would earn a cut (commission) for sending them there.

Of course, it wasn’t as simple as just sending people to casino’s because that’s actually hard to do in reality. You need to find somewhere with a big audience and even then, there’s no guarantee that they will listen to what I have to say. So, I had to build myself a website and do a bit a SEO in order to secure a top ranking position in the search engine results. By doing this people would find me when seeking information on various topics, mainly specific online casino reviews.

Building a website was the easy part. There are plenty of places that I could go to where I could host my own website for next to nothing. If you struggle setting up a website, then I suggest using WordPress or searching the hundreds of tutorials on YouTube to get you started. These will literally tell you everything that you need to know.

Once you have a website and raring to go then the hardest part is creating the content and organizing it in a pleasing way for the people that read your website. The first thing that you have to do is think of topics that would be interesting to people that want to get into online casinos. Maybe you want to showcase the latest slots or talk about the newest bonus offers at one of the casinos you promote. And you have to structure your posts in a way that your audience will like. So, you will have to learn to write well, and post often. Think about yourself. How well do you read poorly worded articles? Providing unique content, in a engaging way is often the key.

And then once you’ve got that all sorted, and you have a routine of bashing out a post every now and again then it’s probably a good idea to start looking into a verity of ways to bring in traffic. If your post is good enough then you will find that people will venture in via your social shares. But building traffic is a long and arduous journey. So that will grow slowly with your casino website. It will take time.

Keep at it, stick at it, and the results will flow.

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