Simple Guide To The Best Paying Affiliate Programs

The Best Paying Affiliate Programs

I have been an online casino affiliate since 2009 and would like to share with you what I have found to be the best, and most attractive affiliate programs in the industry.

Why online casinos?

Online casinos offer a unique gaming experience to players, and is one of the fastest growing entertainment industries online. From table games such as blackjack and roulette, online slots, live dealer games, poker, bingo and so much more, online gambling is projected to reach over $102 billion by 2025. Up from the current $59 billion in 2020, with much of this revenue from mobile players. 

Residual income

Once you refer a player, that player is tagged to your affiliate account for the lifetime of that player. This means, every time the player returns to play, you will earn a percentage of the casino’s net profits generated from this player. 

Once you build up a small portfolio of regular players, earnings can add up quickly. Some players, become regulars and can play for months or even years on a regular basis. 

Revenue share vs CPA

Many online casino affiliate programs offer affiliates the choice between CPA (cost per acquisition) or Revenue Share. CPA can be as much as $200 per depositing player, but this often pales in comparison to the revenue share model. 

CPA is a one-time payment for each referred depositing player.

Revenue share allows you as the affiliate to continue to earn every time the casino profits from your player. A single high value player, high roller or frequent player can often out-earn CPA by several times over, making revenue share the more profitable model for most affiliates. 


You will find that commissions for online casinos are often much higher than that of any other affiliate industry programs. 30% – 35% commission earned on the casinos net profit is very common. 

Recommended Affiliate Programs?

Legend affiliates

legend affiliates is a top rated online casino affiliate program, currently offering 50% commission for your first two full months after sign up. After your 2-month introductory period, you will earn 25% on the casinos net profit from the players you refer. 

The brands under the legend affiliates umbrella include: 


Deckmedia offers a good basic commission starting at 30% for all affiliates, with potential to earn up to 45% with increased referrals. 

The brands under the deckmedia umbrella include:

Vista gaming affiliates

Vista gaming affiliates offers an attractive 30% commission on all net revenue, with 40% being the top revenue earning tier. Vista gaming also offers one casino and three bingo sites under its portfolio of properties. 

The brands under the Vista gaming affiliates umbrella include:

Ace Revenue

Ace Revenue offers a generous 35% commission rate on the lifetime revenue of each new player referred. That rate can be increased to 45% with more than 50 depositors in a given month. 

The brands under the Ace Revenue affiliates umbrella include: 

Revenue network

Other popular brands such as Bovada and Slots.LV operate under the revenue network umbrella, and are well known and established brands with excellent affiliate reviews. 

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  1. Makes sense that such a profitable sector should pay the most to referrers. On a different note, I was listening to a Ted Talk, yesterday, about selling ones own personal data rather than letting Facebook, Google, Tencent etc. take it for free. Sounded interesting. You have an article on this?

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