Is You’re Content Engaging Enough?

You’re Not Engaging Enough! Are you one of those people that have a bounce rate of near 100%? Does your website look clean, lovely, and everything is written absolutely perfectly? Yet nearly everyone that comes to your websites bounces hard off it? Yeah, I’ve been there myself in the past. I’ve been working with affiliate … Continue reading Is You’re Content Engaging Enough?

Motivating yourself to write daily!

Motivating yourself to write daily when you have no energy to do so Part of being a seasoned affiliate marketer is getting up every day and writing out content like this. If I didn’t do this, then you would be faced with an empty blog with no articles. So, you probably wouldn’t have even ventured … Continue reading Motivating yourself to write daily!

How I crawled to success with WordPress (true facts).

Had to reblog this, a great guide and a must read for anyone just starting out! Always inspiring to read real and personal stories from fellow affiliates.

Jeonlin Affiliates

Hey there!

I want to share a little story about me. How I started the to join the blogging commmunity. I will be taking about some challenges that I faced in the begining as well.

WordAds is an advertising platform for WordPress sites. When I created my first blog, I thought I had ventured in to something so so difficult because it was my very first site. I never knew what to do with the available editing tools on my site. I was given access to only a few tools at a time and thought that at some point, I would delete and forget of it which I eventually did. I had no regrets deleting it because I had not invested any money for it neither did I add any content because you know, I was totally a beginner. All this happened in the year 2016. I lost hope…

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