Affiliate SEO: The Importance of Website Authority

One of the great things about being an affiliate is the ability to step away, and take time off from work, without it affecting much of your income.

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I have been involved in marketing since 2009, at one point in time I had built and managed over 30 websites ranging between 200 and 1,000 pages each. Of course I had used WordPress to manage my work-flow, had a small team of loyal writers and relied on friends and family for image editing and basic day-to-day operations. The word successful is relative, as we all have different meanings for the word success, but I was profitable. I had little trouble keeping up with bills, and the wants of my family as I put more time into my websites, it eventually became my full-time job. I did this for several years before burning out, and my websites took a backseat to life. One of the great things about being an affiliate is the ability to step away, and take time off from work, without it affecting much of your income. That is, to a point. 

Protect and Future Proof

After taking a year off, only working the meet the bare needs of the affiliate sites to keep them online and running, I came back refreshed but still, overwhelmed. In my mind building nearly 30 sites was a way to protect and future proof my earnings, in the event that one site would be banned or hacked. Yet still, I couldn’t help but think had I only built just one or even two massive sites, maybe I would have been better off. After all, this would free up much of the time I spent on maintenance, updating plugins, along with tinkering with various themes and layouts. 

Reputation and Domain Authority

One of the biggest challenges for any webmaster is, not only creating useful and engaging content, but getting external websites to link to that content. I had the content, along with the links, but they were spread out across many different websites. So many, that while each site had built up a good reputation and domain authority, it was still next to impossible to compete with much larger sites. I knew this issue had to be solved sooner or later, but I didn’t take the action needed to do it until much later. By this time a few more years had passed, and I was running short on time again trying to keep up with the needs of many sites. At this time my wife and I had recently had twins, cutting my time available to work even shorter, while increasing my need for income. 

Take Action and Hope For The Best

At this point I started researching the effects of merging several sites into one. I found the best course of action would be to do a refresh of much of my content, merging many of the sites together using 301 redirects and then notifying Google via webmaster tools, of the content’s new home. I had to then reach out to all the previous external links I had gained over the years, asking for an update pointing to the content’s new address, then hope for the best. Of course it took a while for some of this content to start ranking and receiving traffic again. Many of my old backlinks where lost, but I had gained an enormous amount of time to start building again. No more tinkering with updates, different layouts and searching for what went where. I also started saving a ton of money on hosting fees as well. 

Advice On Search Engine Optimization

If I was forced to give my competition any advice, it would be to not get carried away and start a new website with every idea that pops into your head. Avoid super niche website names, and go for something niche, but a little more broad to give yourself some room to grow. Back when I started it was easy to get carried away as ranking for a niche term simply meant just having an exact match domain name. Search engine optimization has come a long way since then, and search engines are much more advanced, incorporating artificial intelligence into their algorithms. Quality content, backlinks from trusted sources, page speed, click through rate, security via SSL, mobile friendly pages, location, and so much more is now Incorporated into SEO. This requires much more attention to detail, with a major focus on quality, along with everything else mentioned above. Hardly achievable with an entire network of websites. 

Climbing Back Up

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So all of this brings me to where I am today, after months, literally months of work. I am now down to just a few large (I know, another subjective term) websites. Now optimized, mobile friendly, fast and slowly climbing back up the SERPS. 

How To Boost Your Link Profile And Obtain Backlinks As An Affiliate

Backlinks As An Affiliate

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Getting backlinks as an affiliate can be challenging enough, but for the last several years I have managed content for online gaming affiliate website, and lets just say, it has made things that much more interesting. 

Since gambling is still considered taboo too many, obtaining backlinks to an igaming affiliate site can be a bit more challenging than to say, the less exciting site. But it is still very possible to obtain high quality backlinks, it just requires a bit more creativity. In this article we’ll go over several ways this can be accomplished. 

Internal Links

The first and most obvious is, you guessed it, internal links! Often-overlooked, the anchor text in your own internal links pointing to yourself will tell the search engines a lot about what you hope to rank for. 

  • If you have a larger site, one of the easier ways to identify your internal anchor text, is by using Google webmaster tools. Within Google webmaster tools, you will find a report of all your backlinks, along with anchor text. This report will include internal as well as external links. Once you have reviewed your link profile in full, you will often get a clear picture of why you may or may not rank for certain key terms. The highest ranking websites have a natural looking link profile, from many different sources, using a  variety of anchor text. While you should have a good mix of backlink sources, its preferable to have the majority of them coming from other websites of a related niche.

Guest Blogging

Next on our list is a little quid pro quo called guest blogging. You simply write an amazing article and include a backlink to your own site. The other website gets a  well written article, and you get a free backlink for contributing that content. The key here is to write amazing content that will contribute to the overall quality of the other website.  

  • When writing an article as a guest guest publisher, this should be some of your best work. For one, you’ll want to entice the target site to actually post your article. Secondly, this is the page you will be linking to your site from. Since our main goal is to only obtain links from high quality, authoritative sources (eg. non-spammy sites), you’ll want to help contribute to the overall authority of this back link.

From Forums to Comments

Forum post and blog comments are another common way to get high quality backlinks. Just be sure that you are commenting on high-quality websites, that are of the same niche.  Again, be sure you are providing helpful information in the comment sections, the last thing any legit affiliate wants to do, is to look like a spammer. 

  • As someone who works to provide content for several online gambling review sites, there is a small community of webmaster forums surrounding this niche.,, and are a few sites I visit often.  These sites, and many like them provide a genuine opportunity for a backlink when contributing to industry-related discussions.

Images and Infographics

Are you good at  image editing? How about creating infographics? Infographics can be placed on many images sites that often allow for backlinks. Think Pinterest, Instagram,  Tumblr, and many other social media sites.  

  • Not only can images be useful for posting on a third party site, but several of the images located directly on your website can be linked to and indexed in several locations, including Google’s image search. So next time you write a great article, how about adding a great image or Infographic to go with it? Once posted, you can share the image directly from your website to one of many social media platforms.

Feedback Sites

Lastly, there are website feedback sites that are often a good source a backlinks. Want feedback on your website’s design?  How about layout or structure? There are several websites where you can place a link requesting feedback from other users. Not only can the feedback be helpful,  but you’ll get a placed link in the process. 

  • I wouldn’t go overboard on obtaining links from feedback sites, as they are usually not targeted to many related niches. However, depending on your niche, sharing your link to showcase your new layout and fresh website design, may not be a bad way to get a backlink and some extra views in the process.

Now, Request Your Guest Post!

Aside from the five tips above, you can always contact the webmaster of a site and just explain how a link to your site would be mutually beneficial. Maybe take a topic they have previously written about, and expand on it before requesting a link to a specific page.  However my personal favorite is the quid pro quo method #2. So if you have a quality site, and feel like writing a kick-ass article for this blog, feel free to contact me on Telegram requesting a guest post on this blog! As long as its well written, interesting, and informative to other readers, and I won’t hesitate to post it up.

Just ask, and be direct in your request. The worst someone can say is, OK BOOMER!

— Self

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